Rimrock Resort Hotel In Banff: A Review

The Rimrock Resort Hotel is a small, boutique hotel located in downtown Banff that offers an upscale experience to all of its visitors. It has been around since the early 1900s when it was first known as Rimrocks Inn. In 2015, it was voted the fifth best hotel in the entire province of Alberta, so as you can imagine, we were excited to be able to s[...]

La Mamounia Hotel: An Exquisite Desert Getaway

Located at the heart of the old city of Marrakech, La Mamounia Hotel offers a luxury oasis in a city that never sleeps. The Moroccan palace-turned-hotel was established by the Alaouite Sultan Moulay Youssef. It opened its doors to guests on April 1st, 1929, and has been a tourist hot spot ever since. From its luxurious rooms to its five star ser[...]

Surviving A Visit To The Souks Of Marrakech

If you are planning a visit to Marrakech, you'll want to dedicate at least half a day to visit the souks of Marrakech. The souks are a network of streets and alleyways in the heart of the old city- The Medina. Here you will find people selling anything and everything from shoes to rugs, lanterns, oils, bags the list goes on.  Walking t[...]

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A few weeks ago, I jetted out of Pearson Airport in Toronto for a 3 day trip to Los Angeles. This was for work, so wifey couldn't join me but I thought it was still important to document this on the blog. The Escape Manual was created to show young couples and young professionals how to get the most out of their travels no matter where, no matter how.[...]

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Saint Tropez – Je T’aime

Co-Ord Set: SHEIn // Bag: Cult Gaia // Hat: Nine West // Sunglasses: Shakkar Shades // Shoes: Spring Hey loves, I just wanted to share these shots with you guys from the South of France. We took a 1 hour roadtrip from La Rouquette-sur-Siagne (a small village just outside of Cannes) to Saint Tropez. When I travel I lik[...]

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"In the south of France, island happened off the coast, Saint-Tropez when I'm waving to the folks." - Asap Rocky After spending a few days relaxing in scenic La Roquette Sur-Siagne, we woke up early to make the two hour drive to luxurious Saint Tropez. The plan was to leave around mid-day, grab lunch, wander around the city and head back before[...]

upclose view of the eiffel tower

Where To Get The Best View of The Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower is easily one of the most recognizable structures in the world. At 984 feet tall, it is no wonder why there are countless photos and artistic renditions of the Eiffel Tower itself. For those who are visiting Paris, there is no better souvenir than a picture of yourself with the Eiffel Tower. During our visit to Paris, we made[...]

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Paris Travel VLOG

"The chief danger about Paris is that it is such a strong stimulant." -T.S. Eliot The city's allure was so strong. We were drawn in and we let down and then it picked us right back up again. Despite the wild experience we had (check out our last post about Paris), we feel like we have unfinished business with the city of love. Check out our vlog an[...]

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Back in April, Bernie and I made the 5 hour drive from Toronto to Montreal for my birthday weekend. We rented a car from Enterprise Car Rentals on Friday and headed out later that evening. It cost just about the same to drive as to travel by air or by train. We loved the fact that  driving gave us the flexibility to leave and return whenever we wa[...]