As a tech enthusiast it’s always cool to visit places that are innovation hubs. So I was happy to have been able to make a quick trip to Research Triangle Park. The park is home to over 200 companies largely in the tech sector employing 50,000 workers and 10,000 contractors. In the states, outside of Silicon Valley, this is heaven for a tech geek.

Having sampled barbecue in Texas, Kansas and South Carolina, I was curious to see what North Carolina had to offer. So a few colleagues and I went to The Pit.



I was pleasantly surprised by the complimentary bread and hush puppies. Hush puppies  are deep fried balls made from cornmeal batter. My colleagues weren’t as keen on them as I was so MORE FOR ME! Oh and for the beer lovers out there, please try the Harpoon Camp Wannamango. It’s delicious trust me.



For the main course I got the Carolina style half ribs with fried okra and slaw. I have to say the fried okra was a bit of a wildcard but boy was it good. The slaw was good thought unlikely to beat Jamaican style slaw. That said, this was definitely up there. I enjoyed the ribs but it wasn’t a life changing experience like the ribs I had in Kansas City. That said, I definitely recommend the Pit. Good food and great service, that’s all one can really ask for.


After work I decided to head to Pullen park. I heard it was a nice place to relax and enjoy nature and that’s definitely what I got. I also saw that there were a lot of young families with kids which I wasn’t expecting but it definitely added to the family friendly vibe that a place like Raleigh is known for.


If I had more time I’d have gone to historic Stagville, an old slave plantation. North Carolina was a pro-slavery state, joining the Confederacy in May 1861 to fight against the North in the American Civil War. Thankfully things have changed for the better but there’s still lots of improvement left to be seen, not just in North Carolina but everywhere we go and I’m excited for what that improvement will look like.

North Carolina is the state where the Orville brothers showed the world that a man could fly. In honour of that, I leave you with a quote from one of North Carolina’s finest; his royal airness:

“We all fly. Once you leave the ground, you fly. Some people fly longer than others.”

– Michael Jordan

With love,