Back in April, Bernie and I made the 5 hour drive from Toronto to Montreal for my birthday weekend. We rented a car from Enterprise Car Rentals on Friday and headed out later that evening. It cost just about the same to drive as to travel by air or by train. We loved the fact that  driving gave us the flexibility to leave and return whenever we wanted to. With our busy work schedules, we only had the weekend to spend in Montreal so we wanted to make the most out of it. I am excited to be sharing our trip wi[...]


It's that time of year where we hit the beach and have some rest and relaxation. As a result, it's got me thinking about our honeymoon in Barbados. After a hectic wedding planning process and the whirlwind of a wedding day, we were in serious need of rest and relaxation. Neither of us had been to the Caribbean before so we were duly excited. Upon landing we were greeted by hotel staff who shuttled us over to the Sandals Resort. The place is simply fantastic. The staff welcomed us with a song, I so wish we[...]