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Hey there, travellers!

Are you looking for a centralized list of websites, apps and resources to help you plan your next trip? Well look no further because I have just what you are looking for. This is a comprehensive list of ALL our travel essentials to get you from the idea phase to your return home.


Even before we start to look for flights and accommodation, Bernie and I spend time scouring the web and social media for inspiration for our next trip. We often find inspiration from other travel bloggers.

Here is a list of Travel Bloggers that we love:

Spirited Pursuit

The Blonde Abroad

Travel Noire


Skyscanner– A website that searches the internet for the cheapest airline tickets available.

Kayak– Similar to the above resource, but it has more to offer with searches for the best hotel deals, care rentals and more.

The Seat Guru– This is for the traveller who is looking for comfort while travelling. Not all airplane seats are created equal. Use this site if you are interested in knowing which seats and which rows to avoid when booking your next flight.


Trip Advisor

This is my go to resource for finding reviews and recommendations for not only places to stay but also things to do. This site if great for the ability to filter by amenities, price, location and more. I also really like the ranking system- They basically rank all the hotels in a location against each other so that you know that you are not just getting the best price, but the best value for money.


This is one of my favourite hotel booking sites ever. While I search for Hotel recommendations on Trip Advisor, I almost always find myself back on Expedia to do the booking. It is incredibly user friendly.

Air BnB

Depending on your destination, Air BnB may be the way to go. Here you can find apartment or home rentals for short or long term stay.

Hostel World

If you are looking to go the Hostel route for your next trip, this is the site for you.


Priority Pass Airport Lounges

With a Priority Pass Membership, enjoy a VIP experience – whoever you fly with, in whatever class of travel and without the need to book in advance. With this pass, you can get access to over 1200 lounges around the world.

Sleeping In Airports

Do you have a long layover? Or are you stuck at the airport due to flight delays or cancellations? Instead of heading over to the nearest hotel, you can use this website to find the best places to catch some zzz’s right where you are.



This is probably the most useful travel app as it lets you communicate with your friends and family back home. All you need is a wifi connection.

Google Translate

This is a really useful app to download before you go to a foreign country.

Google Maps

Part of the mystery of travel is in getting lost in a new city. You do not want to be lost and stranded though, so it is important to keep this app as part of your travel arsenal. There have been times I have also used this from the back seat of a taxi to make sure that the driver is taking me to the right location.

XE Currency

The app allows users to compare live currency and foreign exchange rates. You can also check rates offline which is great as many times, you may not have steady access to wifi in a foreign country.



You are going to want to share all your wonderful adventures with your friends and family. Instagram is a great photo sharing social media site that allows you to do just that.

Do you have any other travel resources that you like to use? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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Travel Resources